Beverley Hills Unlisted Jazz Band
Limited Edition

Conrad Janis: Leader & Trombone-
Gifted actor, art connoisseur, professional musician with myriad stage, screen and television credits, including Mindy’s Father on the hit sitcom, “Mork and Mindy.”

Allen Goodman: Drums-
A long-time member of the NBC Studio Orchestra. He toured with All Hirt, Peggy Lee, Vicki Carr, Liza Minelli, plus supplying the beat on countless recording sessions for films and TV.

Sid Gould : Harmonica and Vocals-
Started his career as a harmonica virtuoso 50 years ago. After attending the Tuesday night living room jam sessions, he joined the band and started his musical career all over again.

Sheldon Keller : Bass and Vocals-
Producer/writer with many prestigious credits such as Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra Specials, Steve Allen Shows; award-winning writer (with Larry Gelbart) on the hit film, “MOVIE, MOVIE.”

Russ Reinberg : Clarinetist-
Has been a professional musician for fourteen years. He studied classical music and taught himself jazz by wearing out Benny Goodman Records. His livelihood is radio newscasting, but his love is music.

Arnold Ross : Piano-
A full-time working musician with a background affiliation which includes the Harry James and Glenn Miller bands, as well as personal accompanist and arranger for Lena Horne, Dinah Shore and many others; and work as a top studio musician in New York and Los Angeles for over thirty-five years.

Mike Silverman : Trumpet-
Started playing at age 13…first professional job at the ripe old age of…14. Since then, he has worked with Teddy Buckner, Matty Matlock, Peanuts Hucko, Eddie Peabody… and he still had time to earn a B.A. in Math at USC and to become manager of computer programming at First Interstant Bank.

Arrangements by: Conrad Janis
Produced by: Conrad Janis and Maria Grimm

The Daily Review

"...But the most remarkable of all is Janis. He is astonishingly good - the finest trombonist I saw at the jubilee. By the end of the second day, the Beverly Hills bunch were the word-of-mouth hit of the festival. Conrad Janis and the Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band is as close to "Ricks Cafe" Americain in "Casablanca" as you will find"

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