The November Conspiracy

Director - Conrad Janis

CONRAD JANIS, a child star, an accomplished musician, an co-owner of the famous Sidney Janis Art Gallery in New York, faced many challenges and chased many adventures throughout his life, but none were so great or least expected as the task of directing his first feature film “THE NOVEMBER CONSPIRACY”. Perhaps in retrospect, all the above traveled roads were but detours on his route to directing. On the Broadway stage Conrad was both a participant and avid student, and his talents were nurtured by the directing giants of their day -Moss Hart, George S. Kaufman, George Abbott, Garson Kanin, Henry King, and over the past few years such extraordinary film directors as Gary Marshal, Joel Schumacher, Gene Saks, Mel Frank and Walter Hill to name a few, all contributed to Conrad’s storehouse of knowledge. To further his arsenal of information, he became while in his teens, a professional photographer, then, for years, as the co-owner of the Sidney Janis Gallery, he carefully observed and cultivated the 20th century legends of the art world, thus learning about composition, style and spatial expression.

In addition, at 17 he started playing jazz, and for years he has been a world renowned and respected Band Leader which added to his ease on the set of “THE NOVEMBER CONSPIRACY” as he was already used to taking command on stage.

Still he faced a monumental task. After searching for months for the right director, and with only five weeks before production, both he and his wife, writer-producer Maria Grimm, knew instinctively that no one could do justice to their first effort with the same depth of commitment. Thus as in all his other ventures, Conrad Janis stepped into his Director’s shoes, and fit them to a tee!

Producer/Writer - Maria Janis

Maria Janis, A.K.A. Maria Grimm, wore so many hats during the filming of “THE NOVEMBER CONSPIRACY” that, as Robert Osborne of The Hollywood Reporter so aptly put it, “She could have started her own millinery shop.”

Maria was the Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, and actress in “THE NOVEMBER CONSPIRACY”, but those were only her official credits - the full impact of her responsibilities dawned on her the day before production began, when as she was rushing madly to make an appointment with the film’s doctor for the cast insurance exam, she turned around briefly and spotted 7 crew and production personnel chasing after her. One was the wardrobe mistress conferring on Miss Turco’s dress, another was the production accountant demanding she sign several checks, while a third wanted her shoe size for an upcoming scene she would star in.

Her progress was impeded at every step, with everyone draped over her like bright Christmas tree ornaments. From that moment on, she was a whirling Dervish - here, there, and everywhere, her body parts doubling for those of various actresses (a hand here, a foot there, the back of a neck, etc.). She even did stunt driving, and basically filled in whenever a post vacated during the production, from script supervisor to 1st A.D. to “Love Wrangler”. Would she do it all again?...Yes...She is, in fact, readying her next two projects.

Producer - John Michaels

John Michaels with his no-nonsense “get the job done” attitude combined with an extensive list of credits such as “Quiet Days in Hollywood”, “The Magician - Orson Welles”, “Under The Moon”, and “Sunset Heat” has established himself as a successful, sought after producer. His long time friendship with Producer/Writer Maria Grimm made it a natural and ideal collaboration during the filming of “THE NOVEMBER CONSPIRACY” where he complemented and shared in the producer’s duties. John Michaels has filmed all over the world and has acted in the capacity of U.P.M., Producer, and Distributor for numerous feature films, T.V. specials, and commercials, including “Terminal Exposure” for OMEGA Entertainment and “The Wind” also for OMEGA.

Editor - John Orland

John Orland is an accomplished filmmaker, with editorial, post-production and writing credits that span over 30 years. He has performed these functions in films such as “No Ordinary Love”, “The Dragons Gate” and “Wishman”. On television his credits include the much acclaimed mini-series “East of Eden”, “Angel On My Shoulder” (a T.V. movie) and “American Dream” to name a few. His impeccable taste, integrity and enthusiastic “team spirit” has drawn to him the highest respect from the industry. As a result, he has been on the editorial staff of Paramount Pictures, David Wolper Productions, United Screen Artists, Herts Lion International, among others. These talents have taken him around the world, including China where he became a advisor to the China Film Bureau in Beijing.

Co-Producer - Dan Beder

Dan Beder, an actor of many years standing, shared co-producing credits with Woodrow B. Hood and also co-starred in “THE NOVEMBER CONSPIRACY”. His credits include over 50 television shows, several movies including “The Dungeon”, “Now You See It...Now You Don’t”, and at least a dozen commercials - in most cases playing some ethnic group or other, from Italian street thugs to a Transylvanian prince. He loves the stage and shares his co-producer’s dream of also being a writer - in fact he is just completing his first script with Maria Grimm “Wake-up, You Fool, The Picnic is Over”...A hysterically funny “Walter Mitty” type story which MiraCon Pictures also plans on producing.

Co-Producer - Woodrow B. Hood II

Woodrow B. Hood II - Co-Producer and Technical Advisor on “THE NOVEMBER CONSPIRACY” - spent the past few years in quite another profession - namely military intelligence and police work. It was precisely his expertise in these fields which lent invaluable assistance to the production, and Mr. Hood is also a writer, with two of his story ideas (“Panic” and “P.A.L.”) being optioned by “MiraCon” as part of their future projects. Additionally Woodrow Hood will be co-producing for MiraCon Pictures’ next two films - “Riches to Ragtime” set to shoot in the spring in New Orleans, and “Dorg the Man Eating Crawfish From Kelly High” also in New Orleans. In the interim he will work with Maria Grimm on the scripts for “Panic” and “P.L.A.”, both stories conceived from firsthand experience. Again from personal knowledge, Mr. Hood is finishing his first novel, about cocaine smuggling and espionage during the Cold War. Woodrow B. Hood also played special agent “Willie Hunt” in the film.

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