The November Conspiracy
(The Feminine Touch)


"Some of your favorite film folks get together for a political thriller guaranteed to keep you guessing ... It's loaded with so many twists and turns, I dare you to figure this one out before the very last frame."

Bill Harris, Showtime

"The Feminine Touch" Starring George Segal, Elliott Gould, Paige Turco, Conrad Janis, Bo Hopkins and Dirk Benedict. "An upscale cast puts weight into "The Feminine Touch", an above average action drama about political chicanery and rogue assassins, with a plump role for "Turtle" queen Paige Turco. Segal and Gould bookend the pic with ease, production values are also good on this solid title.

Derek Elley - 4/22/97 - Variety

"The Feminine Touch, A fast Moving Tale With Fire-Power, Close escapes and Thrilling Sequences Starring Paige Turco who presents a Strong, Independent female Character ... Veteran Stars include: George Segal, Elliott Gould, Conrad Janis, Bo Hopkins and Dirk Benedict."

Movie/TV Marketing

"Gould, Segal together 20 years after 'split' ... Their new project ... screenplay by maria Grimm, with Conrad janis Directing and Co-Starring, is a Political Thriller, which, by virtue of its being made, should give encouragement to anyone who's fighting roadblocks to get a film into production ... "Touch" has been long planned, ... but proof that tenacity can pay off, is now BOTH ALIVE AND THRIVING."

Robert Osborne - Hollywood Reporter

"Conrad janis, actor director ... With wife maria Janis has made a political thriller ... "The Feminine Touch" with pal George Segal and Elliott Gould, which has sold many foreign markets and offers are in on the North American Rights ... "We've already got our money back" Conrad says ... a statement not many films can make. A second film is already in the scripting stage.

Charles Champlin - Arts editor and columnist, Los Angeles Times (retired)

"Many eyes are focused on this film, which marks the Directorial debut of Conrad Janis, a Hollywood staple since he starred at age 14 in a movie called "Snafu". "The Feminine Touch" ... Looks like a meal at Patina's ..."

The Hollywood Reporter

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