Tailgate Jazz Band

Conrad Janis (tbn)
Richard Smith (tpt)
Tom Sharpsteen (clt)
Bob Greene (pno)
Danny Barker (gtr & bjo)
Freddy Moore (drs & washboard)

"When the phrase "Young Man With a Horn" is used, that young man can very well be Conrad Janis. Here is a great talent who, although young in years, has made his presence felt on the musical scene for quite some time. He has the "feel" for great Dixieland and the ability to put that feel into sound. He started playing trombone and guitar as a hobby and it is a further tribute to his talent that he is now acclaimed one of the great trombonists of our time.

Backed by fine musicianship this session came off in great style. For the Dixieland devotee this album is a must."

Rudi Blesh

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